Registration for MassJCL is open! Membership in the MassJCL makes a chapter eligible to participate in any of its activities for the year as well as gives access to the online MassJCL newsletter, Forum Factorum, published four times per annum (the first one is attached here!).

To register and learn how to pay dues: 

  1. Fill out this Google form (
  2. Email to MassJCL co-chair Janet Fillion ( a running list of:
    1. All chapter members (noting those without explicit permission to have photos posted)
    2. Their grade
    3. Their level of Latin
    4. If possible, their student emails

This template may help in your making a list.

  1. Mail checks made out to “MassJCL”  to Ms. Fillion (21 Beech Glen Street Roxbury, MA 02119). OR Venmo to @MassJCL with the description “[Your Name], [School], MassJCL Reg.”