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2020-2021 National Theme:
“Sibi quisque ruri metit.”
“Each man sows in the country for himself.”
-Plautus, Mostellaria 799
Most Recent Minutes- 09/13/20
Most Recent Scrapbook- 2019-2020
Quick Updates-
2020 Virtual MassJCL Classics Day is coming up on October 24th! Activities include 40 minute presentations from various speakers, officer Q&As, street Certamen, catapults, Zoom games, and more. This year, we are so lucky to have three speakers: Sir Anthony Leggett, Madeline Miller, Susan Greenfield, and Michelle Wu! Our Zoom activities will include Werewolf (Mafia), Scattegories (Pictionary), Outburst (Family Feud), and other social sessions. All JCLers from any state is eligible to sign up, but fees will differ. You can find out more on @massjcl on Instagram.

Congrats to the MassJCL teams for placing 1st, 2nd, and 1st on each Certamen level respectively! Also, a special congratulations to Dante Minutillo for Advanced Certamen MVP!

Most Recent Email-
Salvete MassJCL,

My name is Lia Van Der Linde, and it is my pleasure to be emailing you as your 2020-2021 MassJCL President! I very much hope that you all have been staying safe and healthy. In a few days, MassJCL would have been convening with the rest of the National Junior Classical League in Richmond, Virginia. Even though this year we are unable to physically be at convention, we are super excited for this year’s virtual convention, which will be taking place from July 24th - July 29th via zoom and other communication platforms. Within this email, you will find information pertaining to our daily fellowships, requirements, and more.

Upcoming Events:
Sep 26th- Boston Elite Certamen

Oct 24th- MassJCL Classics Day
Hosted by Merrimax Web Mechanics
MassJCL cheers on! PC: 2019-2020 MassJCL Historian